Words from some of our customers …

Just wanted to let you know how pleased and satisfied I am with my purchase of the Mod.# 5000 sharpener. I ordered the unit and 2 days later, I had the unit!

I have worked with my hands my whole life (retired now) and I know the difference between good quality and cheap material. You , gentlemen, sell a very high quality piece of equipment. As my mower is brand new, I haven’t had the chance to use my purchase, but I’ve gone thru the motions and I can tell that I have bought my last blade sharpener! Thanks.

Just so you know, I was sitting in my barber shop and I noticed a write up in the Farm Show Magazine about your product.

Thanks again.
— Gerald
I just got my american sharpening system and this thing is built so well. This quality is what I expect and I love love love when I get it. Thanks y’all!
— William
Just wanted to let you know I received my sharpener today and this thing is awesome. I’ll admit I’m a freak about my lawn and this unit finally gives me the control I need to make the perfect grind on my blades. The Honda adapter plate works great as well. I’ve always struggled with the angled blade and this adapter puts it in perfect alignment. I can’t wait to try this on my bi-level mulching blades for my ZT. Well done All American Sharpeners, you’ve got a great All American product.
— Eric
I just purchased my Model 5000, I sharpened three sets of blades this weekend, this is one of the best tools I have ever purchased. I wish I found this years ago. It’s a pleasure to buy something that is so well built and works the way its suppose to.
— Mike
This item works great! I love it soooo much! I have sharpened 55 blades so far, regular, mulching, high pitch, gator, large and small. This works great! Perfect every time! Thanks for making such a great product! Thanks again and keep up the great work!
— Michelle
I wish I would have bought this sooner!! Setup took about 30 minutes but only because I couldn’t decide where to mount it. I sharpened 2 sets of blades that were headed for the scrap metal pile in about 30 minutes this ended up saving me close to $80. This is the perfect tool for sharpening mower blades and I highly recommend it!!
— Tom
Just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with my sharpener. Your service was outstanding. I was keep informed and received my order in just a few days. Been looking at this sharpener for about a year. Finally pulled the trigger. Glad I did. Well done Todd Austin.
Thank You
— Ronnie
Received the 5000. Wow. I only thought I knew how to sharpen blades. Wish I had found y’all 6 years ago when I retired from Water dept and started yards. Had been using flap disk along time But this is nice. Thank you.
— Randy
Absolutely amazing product finally got around to sharpening all my blades. I love this sharpener I’ll make sure to leave a great review. Thanks again!
— Troy
Just received my model 5002. WOW, I can’t believe how bad of a job I had done by “EYE”!!! I just want to thank you for a quality, easy and safe to use product.
— Dave
The original John Deere blades needed the washer. I have a set of gator blades I use that didn’t need the washer and they worked perfectly. Thank You! P.S. do you know anyone looking for a $250 Bradley blade Sharpener? Haha
— Eric
This is the best blade sharpener I have ever seen. Quickly produces a perfect cutting edge on blades in just a few minutes. Easy setup and very flexible mounting make this a great choice.
— Alan
The jig came today and I just finished sharpening both sets of blades for my 2 Toro Timemasters. Thanks! I was careful to get the adapter pin adjusted until it was centered. Using an 80 grit wheel, which might be too fine, but it worked well. This is so much better than using my dremel tool!
Thanks again for the fast shipping and great service. This will save me a lot of time. I wish I would have found this years ago!
— Mike
I just purchased sharpener from you and I would like to know if you would cut a blade holder that would sharpen at 45 degree angle along with what I have now. If this is possible please advise on the price and part number so that I may purchase on line as before. Oh by the way I believe this is the best purchase I ever made. I love it. Thanks.
— Wayne
I work for a lawn mower shop selling lawn equipment. I sharpen blades as a side job at night. After seeing your sharpener on u-tube, I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. Some of the blades I get are in bad shape so I use 2 grinders, one with a hard grinding wheel to get the blades close to the right angle. Then I finish with the other grinder with a 36 grit flap blade. I can sharpen the blades much faster than before,and the finished blades are better than factory new.
I recommend this grinding system to any one who wants quality blade sharpening.
Thank you.
— David
This sharpener is sweet! I can bag and mulch like a pro, without that ridiculous price tag of other blade sharpener. My only problem, I didn’t get the more expensive model that grinds curved blades. I had never seen one of those blades until the second day I owned this jig, no fault of all American sharpener though. Thanks guys!
— Cole
As a 20 year golf course mechanic i just wanted to let you all know i am amazed by the simplicity and ease of use of your product. This has been what i have been looking for since the beginning of my career. I’ve always sharpen blades with a 4 inch grinder but now it’s so much more accurate. I have 20 blades that need to be sharpened regularly and this system is going to make that so simple. I’ve only had this jig for a week I’ve already showed two other people who are interested in purchasing. Good luck in the future and continued success thank you.
— Andy
I wish I would have bought this sooner!! Setup took about 30 minutes but only because I couldn’t decide where to mount it. I sharpened 2 sets of blades that were headed for the scrap metal pile in about 30 minutes this ended up saving me close to $80. This is the perfect tool for sharpening mower blades and I highly recommend it!!
— Tom
Just wanted to let you know that the All American Sharpener is absolutely fantastic! It really does a nice job and it is really well designed with great materials and precision. I started learning on an old scrap blade I had and I quickly noticed how bad my cut angle the blade can be if you don’t use the All American Sharpener. Wow! The freehand grinder jobs I have done for years looked good but way off. In fact I decided to refurbish a couple of blades to use for back-ups the better I got with the tool. All I can say is that it was amazing to see the edge that I was able to get on a old blade that was on the scrap heap. All in all, this was a great addition to my shop and it will server me, and those neighbors that saw it in action, for a very long time.
— Eric
Been meaning for a while now to drop you a note. I thought you would like to know that you have two more happy owners in Texas. Funny story on one of them. He told his wife about this blade sharpener, what it cost, and of course got the ole “for a mower blade!”. So he set up the jig on a Saturday morning expecting to sharpen the blades and then get to mowing. Well, he discovered the ease of use and the job it did that he ended up changing the oil/filter, cleaning the air filter, and general TLC to his zero turn (make it like new again). Feeling so good about these razor sharp blades, he went and got the forgotten step child (push mower) and sharpened its blade as well, tune up, etc. Basically, Saturday became amazement of sharp blades day turn into TLC to the mower day. The wife is all curious about this, comes out to the workshop to see this “thing” in action. He shows her the razor sharp blade, etc. etc. Sunday comes along. He gets out there and goes to mowing with the ever so often departure to inspect cut grass. Father-in-law shows up un-expectantly. Wife comes out with her Dad and starts plucking cut pieces of grass to show Dad how nicely cut the blades of grass are then heading to the workshop to show Dad this “jig”. So there you have it, a new one that you have not heard of.
— Marsh
Wow quick and fast. This sharpen out beats my Oregon sharpener, the Oregon sharpener is hard to use and keep a nice straight line but no worry with the All American sharpener. You can have the best mower but if you don’t have good blades your mower is not that great. Have 3 zero turns it takes more time to take off my blades than to sharpen them.
— Doug
Ordered your All American Sharpener on Monday received it on Wednesday. Great service and Excellent product! This will save me lots of time and money and make my lawn accounts look so much better. Thanks a Million!
— Tom
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you but i received my replacement pin for the grinder that you sent me. This blade sharpener works GREAT!!! I have been telling everybody about it and now they are wanting one. Thank you again for everything and helping me!
— daisyrox1919
Works great. Takes no time to sharpen blades. Blades come out sharper than any new blade. Just wish Amazon carried the one for mulching blades.
— Amazon Customer
Where has this sharpener been? Very easy to setup after watching manufacture’s YouTube video. I am sharpening blades for my 60″ JD and 21″ push mower. I have also been bugging the neighbors to let me sharpen their blades because this sharpener is so fun to use. The second setting is perfect for mulching blade. I am using a solid stone in my grinder instead of the flap wheel. I like the flatter results. The flap wheel tends to radius the cutting edge. Try both and see what works best for you. Good luck and happy sharpening.
— Alan
Got It! Thank You! It is everything that you Promised! Wonderful and Easy to Use!
Thanks again!
— Fin
As some of you know, no one is allowed to touch my chain saw chain because I sharpen it myself. Well, my mower blades are now the same. I bring to you my new acquaintance Todd and his All American Blade Sharpener. I can now properly and technically correct sharpen my mower blades. This new addition to my shop has almost paid for itself in just sharpening 2 sets of blades that I have been hand filing over the past several years now …
— Marsh

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The Model 5000 (and I’m sure the 5002) is made of high quality durable materials and superbly manufactured with its engineering well thought out. Not only is it simple and intuitive to use, but it has some ‘built in’ capabilities (such as reversing the bushing to handle future needs that may arise for a small number of users like me. … The mounting bracket is elegant in its simplicity and exemplifies the thought that has gone into the overall design. It enables the user to pick the mounting position that is best for them – and easily change it if necessary: very well thought out. The Model 5000 is very easy to setup and use: I was able to sharpen and perfectly balance my first set of blades in very little time …
— Carl

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