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The search for an inexpensive yet effective mower blade sharpener started more than 3 years ago. Everything that I found for sale was either poorly made and inexpensive or so expensive that it could only be purchased by full-time lawn care businesses. So I decided to create my own.
Starting out, I created a simple jig that would hold the mower blade at the proper angle. This was great for allowing me to “eye-ball” the proper grind, but I knew that additional modifications would allow the process to be easier. So I decided to create a second design and add an arm to my grinder that would help guide me through the process of grinding. This concept worked but was not strong enough to last and did not address multiple angles which are necessary when sharpening bi-level mulching blades.
So back to the drawing board I went. This time I created the prototype completely in a 3D Computer-Aided Design System first. I wanted everything to fit perfectly so I started with modeling the bi-level mulching blade and created the parts and pieces of the prototype around it. After modifications were made and pivot points were added to allow for precise sharpening, I decided to machine the third prototype on a Computer Numeric Control (CNC).
This prototype worked wonderfully and is the basis for the product today. After creating a couple for myself, I used it for an entire season, sharpening my own blades and anyone else I could find. Now it was time for more in-depth testing. So I asked a few others, lawn care professional, engineers, and home lawn-care enthusiasts, to try the product and give me feedback on the product. Modifications were made based on suggestions and the final design is the one that you can purchase today.
My original intent was never to market this product but to satisfy my own personal need for sharpening mower blades with precision and speed. However, the feedback I received during the testing phase was so positive that I decided to offer it to anyone else who was looking for an affordable and reliable mower blade sharpener. The product is easy to use and is made to last with quality materials. Hopefully you will find it as usefull as I have.

Todd Austin – Mechanical Design Engineer
Creator of All American Sharpener