Discounts and Special Offers

We don't blame you.

We get a lot of questions about promo codes or discounts. We don't blame you for trying to get the best possible price. Heck, we shop around for good prices on good products all the time. But we're unapologetically old school. We believe in a high quality product for a fair price. That's the thinking that goes into every decision when we determine pricing.

What about that Discount code box?

Occasionally, we may set up a code for a customer with an unconventional order, but that's about as complicated as our discount system will get. The promo codes you may see on other websites that supposedly work with our checkout system are most likely bogus.

Is it worth the price?

We think so! If one of our sharpeners fits your needs, it doesn't take much time to calculate the value they will provide over years of use. And we do make them to last years. Actually, we make them to last generations. You know that tool that your grandpa passed down to your dad, and then your dad passed down to you? Well, we expect our customers to do the same with our products.